Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2 - Look What's Missing

God's Computer Manual -

Ever noticed what your Bible is missing?

Those 66 writers all penned what its one Author dictated. We are so blessed to have inspired scripture in our own language and allowed to read and share it openly with pride.

But have you noticed what’s missing?

As a book-taught computer programmer for over a quarter century, the how-to manual for my favorite computer program has 1293 pages and is almost 3 inches thick. Even with all those pages the authors thought there would be too much left out, so they included a CD in the back cover. 

Now what’s a bit disturbing is that I can’t get all the directions about doing a certain thing without having a computer system nearby to look on the CD for any additional information for which I’m searching. Often I’ll check out a library book and its CD will be missing, not compatible with my CD drive, or even scratched.

With great joy I open my Bible to its back cover and see it missing!... any required CD or its pouch. 

I can savor all of God’s precious word with no more tools that searching hands and an open heart charged with faith!

Now that’s not all… Also in my computer book is a final page that has a website URL on it. The page tells me to go to the website to find out all the mistakes and additional omissions that are required to make my programming book reliable.

Oh! This gets good!

Look in the back of your Bible and THAT’S MISSING TOO! There is no place we need to go to for corrections and additions. God has it all right there in your hands.
Furthermore, God has placed a guardian over your Bible with terrible consequences if anyone takes away or adds to scripture. Two of the last four verses of scripture say so.

We are so blessed to have Bibles available to us. You can say they are less than free. (or is that more than free?) We can download on-line Bibles for free that ALSO include search functions, integrated dictionaries, commentaries, maps, word pronunciation, personal note storage, and compatibility with other publishing software.

I can hardly wait to begin showing you all the neat computing PRINCIPLES our Bible contains so you and your loved-ones can creatively, safely, honor God with your keyboarding efforts.

My Bible even has tears in it from my stormy weather moments. 
That won't happen with a CD.

Oh! He’s so good to you and I. He sure loves to be told that often…

Psalms 71:18