Almost too strange to describe, it shoots past Hawaii, across the ocean floor almost a mile down. For our purposes here, we'll call it MEESTOW. Truly faster than a bullet and more speedy than any fictional super hero, Meestow is headed right for Sydney, Australia. It has been observed before, with some comparison to the connected cars of an over-land railroad train. But there's no engine or visible machine to pull Meestow along, past underwater sharks, whales, and all sorts of odd animals mankind hasn't even see before.

Jet airliners flying high above the ocean waves make the 7,000 + mile trip from Seattle, Washington, USA to Sidney, Australia in a little over 15 hours, depending on the weather. Meestow, this underwater train covers the same distance past underwater volcanoes and over deep ocean-floor chasms, in less than 5 seconds. Its purposes for the repeated trips vary greatly. Meestow can deliver coded messages humans would love to receive. Other deliveries can be secret encrypted messages that can begin the destruction of a nation's government.

What's even more strange, is that very few humans worry, or even care, anything about this underwater train that can carry delight or dreadful news. The name Meestow is a name we've made up, but the underwater train exists, and has for several years, as another one of God's wonderful gifts to you and I.

This underwater train is actually a string of pulses of light, all following like railroad cars, down a super thin rod of glass, about the thickness of a human hair. The pulses of light are like a telegraphed message to be received at Sydney and decoded and maybe distributed.

Because of the wide range of values and purposes of these messages, you'd think the cost of communicating at this blinding speed would cost us dearly. In truth, it's free to us. Do you remember moments ago we described this communicating as a God-given gift. We describe a gift as something we didn't earn or pay for, given to us, because of the love or affection of another.

This description also applies to God's Gift of Salvation, freely offered to each person that asks God to forgive them of their sins, recognizing the prophesied death on the Cross. This voluntary shedding of Jesus Christ's blood is their only way of salvation – all as a gift, to receive.

Now, the Problem

This incredible gift of communication from God is squandered like dumping shiploads of life-giving food into the sea, that was bound for starving men, women, and children. What would you feel if you had the power to dump or save all that food from being squandered? Be careful how you answer.

This life-giving food shipments analogy carries over to these fiber optic messages that you and I send, without even giving it a second thought. No matter if the message is an email message or a Twitter or Facebook post, we should give its contents serious thought. None of us would send shipments of boxes labeled, “nourishing food, protect at all costs”, that were actually empty or contained little slips of paper. The slips of paper, had written on them, things like, “I bought a pair of jeans yesterday, that I really don't like.” Or, “Someone put a dent in my Honda.” Or, “My mom and dad are really bugging me about my haircut.”

Now suppose you were notified your communication train under the sea was to be discontinued in three days. Would your messages change their content? Would they begin including life-giving direction and hope like our food-shipments analogy? Your ongoing answers to these questions are a very good thermometer of your spirituality and dedication to God's prime directive clearly stated in the closing verses of the Gospel of Matthew.
Review them and ask God to guide your messaging as though lives depended upon your faithfulness...  because they really truly do.

But What Do I Write? What Should I Say?

The quick simple answer is begin with the collection of tweets our Bible has ready for you to share around the world.
God’s inspired word is actually a collection of 66 books penned by Kings, humble fishermen, and all levels in between. They cover history, poetry, love letters, genealogies, science, health diagnosis, battle tactics... and... well, you get the idea. God’s word includes many computing principles as promised in 2Timothy 3:16, 17.
God gave you and I technology, for all sorts of reasons. But it must, in all its forms, be used with God’s computer manual, our Bible.
Those prewritten tweets and Facebook fodder are grouped inside the Bible in the section we call PROVERBS. 
By Jim Curtis, Psalm 71:18.
A printer-friendly single-fold pdf can be downloaded by clicking here.
You can learn many more Bible goodies that make your
computing safer, more productive, and even God-honoring.

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