Friday, August 19, 2011

7 - Passwords

God's Computer Manual

At shallow Jordan River crossings Gileadite soldiers identified the enemy Ephraimite soldiers with a strange password. The password, “Shibboleth” was not able to be pronounced correctly by the enemy soldiers. The enemy soldiers, all 42,000 of which were not able to pronounce the word correctly, were put to death. Judges 12:5, 6.
Today, passwords are spoken, typed and handwritten in many ways, but the purpose is always the same; to select and protect.

Choosing a Password

The greatest evil incidents have in most cases been possible because of some sloppy management of security measures. Probably the most obvious is the choice and storage of passwords.

In spite of repeated emphatic security training in the choice of passwords, people still foolishly choose street numbers, family names, familiar objects, and hobby items as their passwords.

There are even computer virus programs that can test thousands of possible passwords to discover an access code, in an instant, all automatically. 

Storage of a Password

The second foolish thing people do, especially in the business world, is create a list of passwords sometimes even with a description of where each password is used. As time passes, the old list is put in the trash dumpster. Dumpster Divers are evil individuals who climb down into trash dumpsters and search through discarded paperwork THAT WAS NOT SHREDDED. Diligence often pays off with finding someone’s password list. If possible, don’t store the whole password in the same list. Make them cryptic, non-sensical.

Sending a Password.

This practice is terribly dangerous. Search the web for best safeguards and processes.

Psalms 71:18

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