Monday, August 22, 2011

4 - Don't Touch That Keyboard!

Gods Computer Manual 

Someone once said, “The most important part of computing is what is done before you touch the keyboard.” He was referring to preparation. A crucial part of that preparation is called, Computer Grace.

We should begin with a simple analogy.
Your mouth is watering big-time as you sit down to the dinner table. The smells of all your favorite foods give promise of really good things about to be enjoyed. Your mind can hardly squeeze in reminders of proper table manners and rules of the road. Way off in the distance your racing thoughts try to warn you what happens when you eat too much of this or not enough of that. Your eyes tell the hands to pick up the spoon over here and the fork over there and dive in.
But then… reality grabs control of you. You admonish yourself with, “Hey! Wait a minute. I need to thank God for all this tasty food, the work that went into preparing it, and a wonderfully designed body to enjoy it. Then I also must ask God to lead me in using its energy to glorify Him.”
Table grace has become an important prelude to our meals. It is a systematic reminder to us and the rest of our family of our gratitude for God’s provision. We practice table grace because Jesus Christ did. He taught His followers this crucial beginning to every meal. Take a moment and review the reasons why you practice table grace.
Now. For the very same reasons, and more, we MUST practice Computer Grace. Scripture makes it very clear that technology comes from God and we are to use it to honor Him as we carry out the Great Commission. 1st Tim 3:16, 17 tell us that our operating manual on how to do this is scripture itself.
A simple but powerful promise is listed in Matthew 6:33
"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

Our Computer Grace prayer to God would include:

• Praise to Him for His Goodness and Who He is.
• Thanks to Him for His gifts of technology and talents to use it.
• His leadership in us not wasting our keyboard time and His provisions.
• To tithe part of our keyboard time to evangelism and our local church.
• Focus and determination to see the project through.
• His blessing on the results of our work.

If you don’t practice Computer Grace, you don’t really understand the power to build up and destroy just beyond the keycaps… and you don’t understand the power of heartfelt words followed by Amen, that can build, protect, and chastise.

Psalms 71:18
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