Wednesday, August 17, 2011

9 - Money/Data Transfers

God's Computer Manual
 It’s almost scary to think of transferring money or critical data via on-line services these days. Personal information, bank, and credit data only start the list of information we can never unsend once hackers or nosy terminal neighbors lay their hands on. 

Fancy encryption software has been developed and continually revised to protect its users. Every hour that goes by, evil people find new ways to steal money and other objects of greed.

My Bible reading led me through a passage of secure transfer of gold and silver that reminded me of God’s principles of safety of possessions… especially His. 

In Ezra 8:24-34 is the transfer wrought with many witnesses at the sending. Also were many witnesses at the receipt and counting of the freewill offering for the church in Jerusalem
The principles of transfer are not only plain about witnesses, but also written records of all that was done. 

Because data entry via computers is so fast and efficient, we are doublely responsible to maintain a good ‘paper trail’ of our actions between individuals and businesses. This is even more important as we manage the offerings of our churches as being ‘the Lord’s money’. 

Psalms 71:18

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