Thursday, August 25, 2011

1 - Intro

God’s Computer Manual - 1 - Intro

Trios are so neat - whether it’s singers, shapes, or scriptures. Triangles are simple yet the most strong rigid shape God has given us. It’s no wonder then He presents Himself to us in the Blessed Trinity.

I’d like to present another God-given trio to you.
1. Certainly, always first, is God Himself. He reminds us often He never changes.
2. He gave us technology; computers. They change every day in speed, price and complexity.
3. Doesn’t it just thrill your soul, in all His wisdom, He gave us the Bible; THE perfect computer companion for Christians? The Bible is the absolute pinnacle of direction to show us how to use technology in a way that pleases Him (and puts us at our best). He never leaves His loved ones (you and I) hanging.

WHY DO CHURCHES CONTINUALLY ROB CHILDREN…” is the beginning of my blog I’d like to nail to every God-fearin’ church door (and the others too!). The rest of the statement is:
Why do churches continually rob children and their parents of desperately needed scriptural principles of technology use and safety? Yet they employ the latest presentation and administration technology in services, classes, and conferences - often to show recognized attendance downtrends - especially among youth.

Another of mine is: “Moving technology from the pocket to pulpit messages.”
Possibly we need to (lovingly) preach to the pulpit(s), the principles from scripture regarding the technology that has become the idol of the church and backbone of all those who attend.

I’m a Christian, programmer, and Bible reader for many years. I’ve found that old black book with yellow ragged pages, stained with tears of stormy weather, to be a goldmine of tips, truths, and tests for our keyboards, mice, and the fingers that touch them.
This won’t be the last time I remind you of the promise of 2nd Tim 3:16, 17… all good works.

These ‘GOD’S COMPUTER MANUAL’ topics are the DIRECTIONS arm of Evangelism Computing©. (Do you remember the other arm is DECIPLING?)

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Psalms 71:18