Tuesday, August 23, 2011

3 - Strange Database

God’s Computer Manual

As we begin this series
 of finding computing PRINCIPLES in scripture, this is nothing like doin’ DiVinci Diversions, or hunting space ships, or aliens in scripture. We won’t be using any software to discover hidden code. We’ll be seeing truths already in scripture teens and above can understand and share. You can likely find some of your own…The process uses only three tips as follows:

1. Read your Bible slowly… actually 
FEED on the inspired words.
2. As you 
FEED, open your heart a little wider.
EXPECT to be blessed… God said He would… put your PRIDE in the sleep mode.
Look at any telephone book list. The phone list has a definite shape to it.
Last names, then first, an address, and then phone number. Each line is like that.
A list like this is called a database. Computers use up databases like children go through ice cream. 

I want to show you something that thrills me no end. Turn to Matthew chapter 16.

Jesus asks some questions of His disciples that demonstrate a perfect database with an intriguing twist. Look in Matthew 16:9.

Do ye yet not understand, neither remember the five loaves of the five thousand, and how many baskets took ye up?” And in the next verse, “Neither the seven loaves of the four thousand, and how many baskets ye took up?” 

Now, remember the phone list? …
Name, --address, --phone number…
name, --address, --phone number. Jesus’ database list is
Food used, --people served, --leftovers…
food used, --people served, --leftovers.
Five loaves, --five thousand, --baskets left.
Seven loaves, --four thousand, --baskets left?
That’s a perfect example of how a database list is shaped.
Wow!. Organized computer thinking taught from God’s Word.

Jesus quizzes His deciples with:

how many baskets ye took up? how many baskets ye took up? How is it that ye do not understand…” 

The twist I see is, whenever we relate these two catering events, we concentrate on the people and the provisions. Jesus was trying to get His disciples to think on a higher level… LEFTOVERS.

Leftovers. When the obvious is separated from the whole, what is left over? Why is it left out? Is there some good we can get out of it?
To demonstrate this principle, students can make a database on their computer, whether they have one or not. They can list ALL their neighborhood friends. They can add a column showing each one that came to the backyard picnic. And then add a column of the ones that came to the sticky Jell-O battle. Etc. etc.
Now, because the list of neighbors and their attendance is in a database format it is very easy to see which events were the most popular.
But what about the leftovers? Who didn’t come to any event? Why didn’t they come? Could they be timid? Do they need a friend? Do they need transportation? Could they have hearing or speaking challenges?
Has God placed them as my neighbor for me to learn some neat things from them? Shall I work harder to become their friend?

Gentile believers are the most blessed of leftovers. We were adopted into a family God calls His own. If that don't make you shout and share with someone your blesser is broke.
Psalms 71:18
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